Augmented Reality. What’s the deal? Unity 3d?

Hey Guys, Well I said I would try to keep you all in the loop with my recruiters viewpoint on what's hot and I thought I would write a quick piece on Unity 3D. Now I currently work on Unity 3D vacancies for games and augmented reality, however I'm seeing a lot of posts for [...]

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Are these the 25 best jobs in the UK? Are you glad you’re in IT? I wanted to share.

Whether you're looking for a new job, or fancy seeing how your current employment situation compares with your peers, here's what's hot in the job market today Source: Are these the 25 best jobs in the UK?

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Who are we? Where you’re at?

Hi Guys, My name is Ron Ravenhill and I'm hear to create a blog about recruitment for software development individuals who work on web, games and mobile apps. I'm not a tech guru or great speller, but I know a little bit about recruitment which is handy sometimes. The purpose of this blog is to [...]

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